What does it mean when a guy kisses you on the forehead?

Answer On One Hand: He Really Likes YouWhen kissing, some men, especially tall ones, consider the forehead similar to the cheek. A kiss to the forehead, while not overly romantic, is a clear sign of affec... Read More »

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What does"may angels kiss your pillow"mean?

For centuries, angels have been regarded as messengers between God and man. They are also thought to be our guardians and protectors. If someone says "May angels kiss your pillow," they are wishing... Read More »

Does X mean hug or kiss?

Signing a letter with X's and O's means "hugs and kisses." X represents kisses in XOXO, and O represents hugs. If you want to send big kisses and hugs, use capital X's and capital O's. For pecks an... Read More »

What Do the Horizontal Lines on the Forehead Mean?

The muscles in your forehead cause your skin to wrinkle up when you make certain facial expressions. The resulting horizontal lines disappear on younger people's foreheads when the muscles stop con... Read More »

What do dots on a woman's forehead mean?

With an estimated population of 1.16 billion people, India is second in world population. Additionally, more than 80 percent of all Indians are Hindu. Between the massive Indian population and the ... Read More »