What does a juniper bush look like?

Answer It is green and you can get it in loads of different shapes and sizes. They also grow juniper berries.

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What does a hawthorne bush look like?

It looks like a Raphiolepis shrub, because that is what "hawthorne bush" really is. It makes no sense for it to ever have been called that, there is no resemblance in leaf, flower, or fruit.There a... Read More »

Why Does My Crabapple Tree Look Like a Bush?

Crabapple trees come in a wide range of sizes and shapes. Talk with a nursery specialist before buying a crabapple tree so you know exactly what you are getting. To avoid a shrublike appearance, pr... Read More »

Gardening Guide for Planting the Juniper Bush?

Junipers include a wide variety of coniferous plant in the cypress family, ranging from low-growing ground covers to tall trees. Most landscaping junipers take the form of shrubs or bushes. These w... Read More »

Trees That Look Like a Butterfly Bush?

Butterfly expert, Rick Mikula, describes the butterfly bush as a literal magnet to nectar seekers like butterflies, bees, and some birds, depending on the color of blooms. The butterfly bush is als... Read More »