What does a judicial waiver mean?

Answer A judicial waiver is a decision that a judge makes to allow the courts to treat a juvenile as an adult. Judicial waivers are used most frequently in the criminal-justice setting. Some courts provid... Read More »

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What is the judicial system?

The judicial system, which is also known as the judiciary, is a court system that applies and interprets laws instituted by the state or federal government. The purpose of a judicial system is to s... Read More »

What is judicial guardian?

my aunt is my judicial guardian. She has guardenship of me through the courts. She is not my mom the only thing she has right to is to make sure that i am safe and fed. My mom didn't give permissio... Read More »

What is an example of a use of judicial power?

To interpret laws, to determine their meaning, and to settle the arise in the society. (A+LS) >>> The U.S. Supreme Court declares a law unconstitutional.

Is judicial representative capitalized?

Judicial representative should be capitalized when used as a formal title and accompanies a person's name. It is also capitalized when it is used to refer to its full governmental departments or me... Read More »