What does a high ESR rate in blood test indicate?

Answer It indicates inflammation.The cause of the inflammation can be several things including infection but there are other possibilities also.For example, autoimmune diseases or conditions will cause an... Read More »

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25-year-old female with moderately high blood pressure and rather high pulse rate - should I be concerned?

Yes be very concerned! Get on some meds. really. Save your life!!

What is a high blood sugar rate?

A blood sugar level in the 180 to 200 range (meaning 180 to 200 milligrams of blood glucose per deciliter of blood) is considered high because it has surpassed the kidneys' ability to sufficiently ... Read More »

How can you have high blood pressure but a low heart rate?

Either due to increased stroke volume (the amount of blood pumped from the heart with each beat) or increased peripheral vascular resistance. There's a myriad of causes for each, including fluid re... Read More »

Can high blood sugar cause your heart rate to be low?

not as far as I know...but it can cause diabetes