What does a garage door cost?

Answer A garage door can cost anywhere in the range of $800 to $7,000. The price is usually determined by the size of the door and the material used to make it. Steel garage doors start at $800, with the ... Read More »

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Why does a garage door remote open the door successfully but when you try to close the door the remote does not work and the door must be closed using the wall control in the garage?

AnswerMost garage door opener manufacturers adhered to new federal guidlines imposed buy the government in the early 90's to include 2 safety devices in each opener to avoid crushing injuries. Most... Read More »

How much does a new garage door cost?

Answer it will cost too much! Just to add on... The above answer is true. However, for most homes, a garage door is something you can't live without. The cost depends on many different factors. ... Read More »

How much does it cost to repair a garage door?

The cost to repair a garage door by replacing the springs averaged between $100 and $120 to replace one spring, as of October 2006. To replace both springs costs around $150 to $180. Some garage do... Read More »

How much does a garage door installation cost?

The cost of installation depends on the door type and size. For example, as of July 2007, a 16-by-7-foot wooden, tilt-up door starts at $400 to $700, sectional roll-up wood doors cost $800 to $1,00... Read More »