What does a gallon of jet fuel weigh?

Answer There are different types of jet fuel, Jet A, Jet B, JP4, JP5 and JP8. They all have a basic weight of 6.3 to 6.9 pounds per gallon. Depending upon the type and usage, jet fuel may contain fuel add... Read More »

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What does a gallon of heating oil weigh?

Oil-fired heat is one of the most cost-efficient ways to heat a home. Heating oil can be purchased by the gallon. Heating oil weighs approximately .72 kilograms per liter, which translates to about... Read More »

How much does a gallon of xylene weigh?

A gallon of xylene (not taking its container into account) would weigh 7.345625 lbs. This is because xylene has a density of 880.2 kg/cu.m. One gallon is equivalent to 3.7854118 L, and this figure ... Read More »

How much does a gallon of car paint weigh?

The pigment makes up 60% of the weight of the paint, while the binding agent makes up the other 40%. Since various pigments and binding agents are used in various brands and types of paint, it is d... Read More »

How much does a 5-gallon bucket weigh?

An empty 5-gallon bucket weighs less than a pound, depending on the materials used to make it. The weight of a full bucket will vary depending on the materials inside. A bucket full of rocks, for i... Read More »