Should I Plant on a New Moon or Full Moon?

Answer Gardening by the moon is an old idea, espoused by the ancient Romans and Greeks. These ancient peoples, along with many other groups throughout history, believed that the moon's cycle affects plant... Read More »

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What does a waning moon mean?

After the full moon, the visible portion of the moon gradually decreases or wanes. The phases of the waning moon are waning gibbous, last quarter and waning crescent. The moon appears to wane until... Read More »

What does it mean TV Full HD?

TVs that are made to receive and display the 1080 standard.

What does a full scholarship mean?

Receiving a full scholarship means the majority, if not all, of the school expenses--tuition, books, living arrangements--will be paid for by the entity awarding the scholarship, according to Schol... Read More »

What does full sun to partial sun mean?

This horticultural phrase refers to the growth requirements of green plants. Plants need sunlight to survive, but each plant has different daily requirements as to how much sun it actually needs. "... Read More »