What does a fractional number mean on a check?

Answer A fraction on a check is used to indicate cents in the amount of the check, according to the Northwest Mutual Foundation. The fraction is always out of 100, as there are 100 cents in a dollar.Sourc... Read More »

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What Does the FRD Number on a Check Mean?

The FRD number on checks help banks and the Federal Reserve figure out where a check came from. The number is a routing tool that identifies which Federal District processed the check.

What does fractional distillation mean?

Fractional distillation is a scientific process to manipulate and study mixtures of liquids. The process uses boiling points of different organic liquids to separate those liquids from each other, ... Read More »

What does check engine light code number 22 mean?

Check engine lights codes, also known as CEL codes, vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and even from model to model. According to the professional blog Check Engine Light Codes, code 22 on a 19... Read More »

What do you call the fractional part of a number?

The fractional part of a number has several designations, according to World Wide Words. Ordinary fractions are called vulgar, common or simple fractions. Those in decimal form are called decimal f... Read More »