How long does a person have to go to school to become a computer forensic scientist?

Answer According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, careers in computer forensics typically require a four-year undergraduate degree in accounting or computer science. Many skills commonly employed b... Read More »

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What do you need to become a forensic scientist?

Most forensic scientists work in a lab analyzing evidence, such as DNA, drugs and other substances. The minimum education requirement is usually an undergraduate degree in chemistry, biology or a r... Read More »

What education is required to be a forensic scientist?

Although the education required to be a forensic scientist varies depending on the area of forensics in which you want to work, the minimum requirement is usually a bachelor's degree in chemistry, ... Read More »

What Is the Starting Salary for a Forensic Scientist?

Forensic scientists, also called forensic science technicians, who have less than one year of work experience can expect to earn a median salary that falls between $28,476 and $41,271, according to... Read More »

What is the average yearly salary of a forensic scientist?

The average pay for a forensic scientist in the U.S. is $69,000 yearly. Forensic scientists analyze material that is found at a crime scene. Their findings can determine who committed a crime, and ... Read More »