What does a flower need to survive?

Answer Growing flowers is a rewarding experience, but flowers require some basics to thrive. Whether you're growing them inside or outdoors, consider watering habits, sun exposure and soil type.SunSunshin... Read More »

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What does a lily flower need to survive?

Most lily plants need full sun (6+ hours of direct sun) per day. If you are just planting them be sure to water every other day for a few weeks before the sun gets too hot (so you do not burn the l... Read More »

How long does a cut flower survive?

Flowers may last one to 14 days after being cut. Many factors affect the longevity of the cut flowers, including proper care. Freshness of cut flowers can be extended by trimming the stems every da... Read More »

What Adaptations Does the Honey Bee Need to Survive?

Like every animal, a honey bee has several different kinds of adaptations that help it to stay alive and perpetuate its species. A honey bee has structural and behavioral adaptations that protect ... Read More »

What does a basil need in order to survive?