What does a first aid kit typically contain?

Answer A well-stocked first aid kit can be invaluable in an emergency. You can buy a prepared kit or put together a kit that will meet your specific needs. Be sure to check your kit regularly to restock i... Read More »

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Why are there typically no seatbelts in a bus?

You get a star for using counterintuitive in your question! :)Many touring buses ARE actually equipped with belts.Public transit buses don't have them because there you can actually legally STAND ... Read More »

What does a margarita typically taste like?

What an interesting question. My initial answer to this question was simply: delicious.There are many types of margaritas, and thus many different flavors. A traditional margarita includes tequil... Read More »

Do you typically have intubation with a colonoscopy?

The colonoscopy procedure does not require intubation of the patient. A mild sedative is given to the patient, which causes him to relax and become sleepy. The procedure is not painful and is compl... Read More »

How much do you typically borrow a semester?

ok : this is very important with "Financial Aid that talks aboutUnited Way For College Education also the scholarships award program would be Education & Reference > Economicsor Higher Education (U... Read More »