What does a first aid kit typically contain?

Answer A well-stocked first aid kit can be invaluable in an emergency. You can buy a prepared kit or put together a kit that will meet your specific needs. Be sure to check your kit regularly to restock i... Read More »

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What does a first-aid kit contain?

There are about 20 things in a first aid kit. The standard first aid kit includes: -emergency phone numbers -small and large sterile gauze pads -adhesive tape -bandages to make a sling -adhesive ba... Read More »

What should a first aid kit contain?

When you pack your own first aid kit you have the chance to customize it to fit any of your specific needs. Always have the basics of first aid in your kit, but also consider where you are going or... Read More »

What medicines shoul the first aid kit contain?

alcohol, antiseptic ointments, anti itch creams...benzocain too

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