What does a firewall like sonicwall do How does it function?

Answer it keeps the hunks like me away from the chunks like you....

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What does a firewall do and if i download a program like an IM program how does that affect the firewall?

A firewall will block incoming and outgoing connections. To setup a firewall you would select which port you would like to block.Downloading a IM will not affect the firewall. Programs that have a ... Read More »

How to Get Rid of a Sonicwall Firewall?

A firewall is a software program that serves as a barrier between your computer and remote hackers, viruses and worms. It is a vital piece of equipment if you wish to keep your computer secure. Win... Read More »

How to Add a Route to Sonicwall Firewall?

The SonicWALL firewall is a component of the SonicWALL appliance and software that is used to provide advanced security to a network of a computer. The administrator can manage and monitor all Inte... Read More »

What port does Sonicwall VPN use?

Sonicwall VPN uses ports TCP 80 (HTTP) and TCP 443 (HTTPS) for its VPN service. However, there may be some networks that other ports must be used due to network configuration.References:Sonicwall ... Read More »