What does a filter in a recording studio do?

Answer A filter filters out certain frequencies. The frequency spectrum of what we hear ranges from 20Hz (low) - 20KHz (high) For example, if you wanted to filter out the bass in a vocal recording, you ... Read More »

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How Much Does It Cost to Open a Recording Studio?

The costs of opening a recording studio depend on whether computerized or non-computerized methods are used. Traditional studio operators can spend anywhere from $10,000 to $30,000 because of the n... Read More »

How to make an in home recording studio what do I need?

It takes quite a bit of money and a lot of commitment to set up a studio. If you want to start recording bands then you're going to need something like the following, and this is the very minimum:-... Read More »

What should I buy first for my home recording studio?

You will need DAW software to put on your computer. Your options depend on your budget - you could go for Pro Tools or Ableton Live, or a cheaper option like Garageband (if you have a Mac), or even... Read More »

What equipment is needed for a professional recording studio?

Professional recording studios are generally equipped with consoles, headphones or headsets, microphones, mixers, monitors, multi-track recorders, racks, recording media, signal processors, stereo ... Read More »