What does a file name ending in "exe" mean?

Answer I am Just Putting this in depth for you:An exe File is an executable file. This, Genrally is an application; I.E.:iTunes, Notepad, etc.If you want to try to make one you should learn a programming ... Read More »

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How to Open a File Extension Ending in WPS?

Microsoft Works Word Processor saves files in a .wps file extension format. Works Word Processor is a basic word processing program that is similar to Microsoft Word, but has fewer features and fun... Read More »

What is a PVM file What program opens PVM files I am trying to open a PVM file in My DocumentsMy Albums it says Camera 12 30 2006 PVM File 2 KB?

PVM file is a directory listing of certain photo imaging software's that link to the actual jpeg file. See more on PVM file and how to open it at related links.

Anyone know why I keep ending up on Wikipedia?

It's like the island on Lost, or Gilligan's Island, for that matter. You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.

Why is kyle xy ending?

the reason kyle xy ended was because of the show secret life having raised getting more viewers and having making kyle xy losing their viewers In Conclusion secret life was more popular and that's ... Read More »