What happens if you dream that you are pregnant but you are only 13?

Answer Nothing, you can't get pregnant by dreaming.

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I had a dream about The Apocalypse. Could this mean I'm pregnant?

I am rofl sorry! I was so wasted that I thought I was dumping my load in your mouth! But wasn't it only partway sex? I Thought I only went in a little bit and then all around but that Tequila made ... Read More »

What is it when you dream yourself pregnant so many times?

I don't know but I had a dream about 2 months ago I told someone I was pregnant. Also, my Aunt said that she had adreamed was pregnant then another aunt told me and my cousins somebody was pregnant... Read More »

What does a pregnant woman smoking in your dream mean?

it means your doing something rong in your life or your probabily goin through a rogh time.warning the work smoking or any thing related to it may come up

Is there a case of a hermaphrodite ever having a wet dream and getting him/herself pregnant?

I've never heard of it happening, but I suppose it could. Yes you could produce both eggs and sperm. I've actually seen pictures of a half white/half black baby on TLC or the Discovery channel, c... Read More »