What does a dragon fruit grow on?

Answer Vines

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How do i grow dragon fruit?

PlantingPlant Dragon Fruit in tropical, non-rainy climates. Start your plants by cuttings or seeds. The seeds can be taken directly from a piece of fruit, but clean the seeds before planting. Plant... Read More »

How do i grow dragon fruit in containers?

PlantingPlant the dragon fruit seeds in a container that includes well-drained potting soil or compost material.SproutingClean off the remaining flesh from the dragon fruit seeds to prevent any rot... Read More »

How to Eat Dragon Fruit?

. You will probably find Dragon Fruit very intimidating with its brightly colored flesh and "spiky" skin. But, Dragon Fruit is very refreshing and not sickly-sweet as you would expect it to be. It ... Read More »

How do I eat a dragon fruit?

Dragon Fruit PlainCut your dragon fruit in half. Use a spoon to remove the middle of the fruit. The seeds of a dragon fruit should be consumed with the flesh of the fruit. There is nor need to remo... Read More »