What does a dragon fruit grow on?

Answer Vines

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How do i grow dragon fruit?

PlantingPlant Dragon Fruit in tropical, non-rainy climates. Start your plants by cuttings or seeds. The seeds can be taken directly from a piece of fruit, but clean the seeds before planting. Plant... Read More »

How do i grow dragon fruit in containers?

PlantingPlant the dragon fruit seeds in a container that includes well-drained potting soil or compost material.SproutingClean off the remaining flesh from the dragon fruit seeds to prevent any rot... Read More »

Does dragon fruit come from a tree?

The dragon fruit, also known as the pitahaya, is actually a large, tree-like cactus. The plant is native to tropical areas and grows best in drier climates with less than 50 inches of rain per year... Read More »

What is dragon fruit used for?

Found growing on cactus plants in Asia, Central and South America and the Middle East, the dragon fruit, or pitaya, can be enjoyed fresh or used in desserts, beverages and preserves. The vibrantly ... Read More »