What does a doctor need to get a job?

Answer The itch comes back, this time only angrier!

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What school does a doctor need to go to?

A student must attend medical school to become a doctor. Typically a medical student will earn a four-year bachelor's degree and take the Medical College Admissions Test. Medical school lasts four ... Read More »

What kind of doctor does your baby need if he is frequently choking on phlegm and unable to get it up to the point of not breathing?

Answer The concern is not what type of doctor but that the infant/child receive medical care IMMEDIATELY! The infant in question should be taken to the nearest emergency medical facility. Such symp... Read More »

Does a doctor need to be board certified?

On One Hand: Certification is VoluntaryAccording to the American Board of Medical Specialties, which is the organization responsible for board certification of doctors, medical specialty certificat... Read More »

Do I need to prove I am fit enough for work I think I am and so does my doctor?

get your employee manual out & find where your employer can override a docs orders that you are ok to go back to work...& if your employer continues this nonsense, ya either hire a lawyer, or make ... Read More »