What does a district manager at Bath and Body Works make?

Answer According to, a district sales manager for Bath and Body Works averages $78,000 per year, as of April 2010. Compare that to a salary of $42,652 for a retail store manager and $34,055 f... Read More »

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Does Bath and Body Works test on animals?

Bath & Body Works does not test its products on animals, according to the Caring Consumer website. Yet, the company excels; its sales exceeded $470 million in 2008, making Bath & Body works one of ... Read More »

Does Bath and Body Works lotion expire?

If it is yellowing, get rid of it. You should shake it before using it and it wont be runny.

Does bath an body works sell shampoo and conditioner?

Yes, but for the price of more expensive product you can get one just as good @ Safeway, Rite-Aid, Walgreen, etc.The biggest savings you will find in bath and beauty is on shampoo. According to Con... Read More »

What is it like working at bath and body works?

Here are quite a few reviews. Mostly they are very positive.…