What does a disconnected iPhone mean?

Answer Steve Jobbs

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What does it mean when u call a # and it says "this # is temporarily disconnected"?

What do you THINK it means?.... geesch.! It probably means they haven't paid their phone bill.

What does it mean when on my computer screen it says no signal input or cable disconnected?

Try rebooting your computer and powering off your monitor. Check the cable at the computer and at the back of the monitor then power the monitor and your computer back on again. If it still recei... Read More »

What happen if disconnected iPhone 4 during jailbreak?

They are very good phones but xperia arc is better than iphone 4 for a little!! --------Arc is better but iPhone 4 is still the best when it comes to OS & Display. Check the sources below

What is a refreshed iPhone i will buy an iPhone at best buy and it says iPhone 3g 16GB white refreshed what does that mean?

I think they mean it's refurbished, which means it's been repaired and you should get a discount.