What does a disconnected iPhone mean?

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What happen if disconnected iPhone 4 during jailbreak?

They are very good phones but xperia arc is better than iphone 4 for a little!! --------Arc is better but iPhone 4 is still the best when it comes to OS & Display. Check the sources below

My line was disconnected I'm a carrier of the iPhone 5 is there another way of messaging without wifi?

Is the phone disconnected?

What you are experiencing is usually known as a trunk busy signal. the first ring your hearing is probably the central office ringing into the busy trunk line system.When you get the trunk busy rin... Read More »

Can a car alarm be disconnected?

On One Hand: Systems Can Be BypassedAccording to, thieves can bypass your security code and disarm your alarm. reports, if a determined criminal really wants t... Read More »