What does a delivery nurse do during a child delivery?

Answer a delivery nurse only helps the doctor with getting the tools and helps holds the mothers legs up and when the baby is born the nurse takes the baby and washes it off and raps a blanket around it a... Read More »

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Where does the child comes out from a mother's body during the time of delivery?

The baby travels from the Uterus( the womb), and out of the birth canal (the vagina).

How often should a nurse write a narrative note on her patient during labor&delivery?

The nurse writes narrative notes whenever necessary to record non-routine care and information that is not documented elsewhere. Narrative notes are not written at predetermined time intervals. The... Read More »

How long does it take to become a labor and delivery nurse?

Labor and delivery nurses are vital members of the health care team who work to promote the health and safety of newborns and new mothers. Nurses need to obtain either a two- or four-year degree be... Read More »

What are the duties of a labor delivery nurse?

Labor Delivery Nurses assist the mother before and after the birth of the child in many areas including pain management, monitoring the mother during pregnancy, and answering any questions the moth... Read More »