What does a crocodile taste of?

Answer It tastes like chicken and is flakey like fish

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How to Tell a Freshwater Crocodile from a Saltwater Crocodile?

Normally when people think of Australian crocodiles, they usually think of the huge saltwater crocodile, "salty" for short. However, this beast shares its home with a close, but much smaller relati... Read More »

What Does Crocodile Protein Peptide Cure?

Proteins consist of smaller units called peptides. The protein peptide crocodillin occurs in the blood of Crocodylus porosus, a crocodile native to Australia, Indonesia, and the Philippines. Crocod... Read More »

What does the crocodile on the Jamaican coat of arms represent?

The crocodile perched on the top of the Jamaican coat of arms represents an animal indigenous to the country. In addition to the native animal, the coat of arms features tribe members, pineapples a... Read More »

Does a crocodile have smooth skin?

Crocodiles, like nearly all reptiles, are covered in a series of interconnected scales instead of smooth skin. The smoothest scales on a crocodile can be found on the animal's underbelly, where the... Read More »