What does a contact lens prescription mean?

Answer Approximately 36 million people in the United States wear contact lenses to correct visual impairments, according to Children's Memorial Hospital in Chicago. Although federal law does not require ... Read More »

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What is my contact lens prescription?

The power for contacts would be - 1.50 for both eyes, BUT...that doesn't tell you what brand would work best for you, or what base curve and diameter you require.Your prescription says " glasses p... Read More »

Does My contact lens prescription sound right?

Something is wrong for sure. They can't both be right. Could be just an error in writing it out.Now, it's difficult to understand where you got that from. You were given both prescriptions ? Have y... Read More »

How to Read a Contact Lens Prescription?

After visiting an eye doctor to correct your vision, you will receive a piece of paper indicating your glasses and/or contact lens prescription. These prescriptions consist of technical acronyms th... Read More »

Trouble with contact lens prescription?

Well i can understand, you better ask that company if its online available to provide you at place where you are residing .Well all brands have some standards if you are comfortable with some bran... Read More »