What does a coffe shop and crack house have in Common?

Answer Both lookin' for a fix.

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What do house cats&mountain lions have in common?

On the surface, your average house cat and a mountain lion couldn't be more different. But, besides the basic traits that are shared between all felines, there are some significant traits in common... Read More »

What does coffe taste like?

Coffee tastes like a bitter drink and it does not taste that sweet. It will only taste sweet if you add sugar or cream to it. The taste also depends on what kind of coffee it is since there are man... Read More »

What is the approximate amount of time that it would take to crack each type of hash, by any common method?

I don't fully understand what you're referring to by "cracking the hash".MD5, Sha-256...There are literal tons of different hash algorithms, and your goal when "hacking" is not to crack a hash. A ... Read More »

What does the cia have in common with the mafia?