What does a coated tongue mean?

Answer If your dog's tongue develops a coating, spots or other discoloration, schedule a trip to the vet immediately. These changes can be symptoms of serious, even life-threatening conditions.Dye Transfe... Read More »

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What are the causes of coated tongue?

Coated tongue is an unpleasant but harmless medical condition. It can be embarrassing, as it is unsightly and often triggers bad breath. Coated tongue affects men and women of all ages, and while i... Read More »

What are the causes of a coated tongue?

A coated tongue may cause embarrassment, but it can also point to a medical condition or personal hygiene habit that needs adjusting.Geographic TongueSome people have more fissures and grooves in t... Read More »

What is a coated tongue?

A normal human tongue is pink to reddish in color, but a tongue that is considered "coated" often looks white, yellow or brown, and can feel "hairy." The cause of a coated tongue can vary widely, ... Read More »

Why is your tongue coated?

The tongue is one of the body's strongest muscles, helping to eat and speak. However, there are times when the tongue is not its normal healthy pink, and becomes coated with a white substance due t... Read More »