What does a co-signer on a car loan do?

Answer A co-signer on a car loan assumes equal responsibility for any debt or default incurred by the primary person signing the loan on the car. In other words, any payments that the primary loan holder ... Read More »

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Is it Better to Get a Loan With a Co-Signer or Not?

Esteemed for its lifelong durability and aesthetic attributes, brick has remained a prevalent masonry material for centuries. Brick's versatility allows for indoor and outdoor applications, includi... Read More »

What is the best student loan you can get without a co-signer?

If you get federal student loans, they arent based upon how good/bad your credit is and you dont have to have someone co-sign. I think 20,000 is a little steep for a community college also. That ... Read More »

Student loan co-signer help?

There's a lot of grants available when you can't qualify for a loan :…Good luck !

How to Take a Non-Occupying Co-Signer Off an FHA Loan?

The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) is the federal government's lending authority. The federal government does not directly lend to consumers; rather, it reviews private lenders and approves t... Read More »