What does a circle with an r in it mean?

Answer A circle with an "R" represents a "registered" symbol, meaning that the product is trademarked, which has been filed with and accepted by the Trademark and Patent office in Washington, D.C. Convers... Read More »

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What does a capital r with a circle around it mean?

The capital "R" with a circle around it is the federal registration symbol. This symbol is used to indicate that there is an official trademark registered with the United States Patent and Trademar... Read More »

What does a circle with a line through it on a dashboard mean?

The red circle icon with a line through it in Dashboard, Mac's floating layer that offers convenient access to widgets, will allow you to remove the corresponding widget from your Mac OS X computer... Read More »

What does it mean when my cursor changes into a wee red circle with a black line through the middle, it goes?

Don't know that one personally but I would guess you're asking the computer to do something that it cannot do.

What does it mean to square the circle?

To square the circle means to do the impossible. The expression is a reference to a geometry conundrum dating back to 200 BC that drove the development of mathematics into the modern age.How the Ex... Read More »