What does a christian mother do before her baby is born?

Answer Pray and hope it doesn't grow up being an atheist

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Can you tell if the baby is autistic before it was born. ie. While the baby is still in the mother's womb?

No, this shows in the child's behavior when the child is a bit older.

Can a baby be born without the mother's water breaking?

Yes my daughter was born today without the waters breaking the midwife said it was very unusual and very lucky , there is a name for it but it escapes me , if born into a fishermans family the chil... Read More »

When a baby is born will the mother have a very loose vagina?

Can they? In theory, yes, as all of them should have learned basic obstetrics during their medical or osteopathic school training. Are they allowed to? It depends upon what their hospital privile... Read More »

Can a mother pass her STDs to her baby when it is born?

yes you can some times not always but the baby should be checked out