Can you eat gizzard shad fish?

Answer On One Hand: Fisherman Use Gizzard Shad as BaitAlthough sport fisherman often catch and cook larger varieties of shad, gizzard shad are used primarily as catfish bait. Gizzard shad are small, minno... Read More »

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Is the crop or gizzard bigger on an earthworm?

The crop of an earthworm is a storage area for its food, while the gizzard is a stomach muscle that grinds up the food that the earthworm swallows. Although they are very similar in size, the gizza... Read More »

Curry Chicken Sweet & Sour Chicken Or General Tso's Chicken Which would you prefer?

They are all pretty tasty! Add to that list Sesame Chicken.. a bit of a cross between sweet & sour and General Tso's chicken. I usually would go for the Curry Chicken because its can be made healt... Read More »

General Tso Chicken Jerk Chicken Or Curry Chicken Which do you like better?

In Gainesville, the "Chicken Capital of the World," it is illegal to eat chicken with a fork. Is this true?

ive been to gainesville many times and i eat chicken with a fork and they dont say anything.