What does a care plan for leg ulcers look like?

Answer A leg ulcer is an open sore or wound on a patient's leg; the sore is often difficult to heal. When treating a patient with a leg ulcer, the nursing staff will develop a nursing care plan. This care... Read More »

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How to Prioritize Care When Writing a Care Plan?

Writing a good care plan is very similar to performing a mental triage of the patient's condition and needs. Care plans should focus on goals that are attainable and measurable. Well-defined measur... Read More »

How to Make a Nursing Care Plan (NCP)?

A Nursing Care Plan organizes a nurse's approach to a patient to deliver his/her specific needs. Each Nursing Diagnosis corresponds to a series of interventions that are prioritized according to th... Read More »

I need Nursing Care Plan for FEVER?

Nursing Diagnosis: 1. Potential for fluid and electrolyte imbalance related to increased body temperature.2. Discomfort related to pyrexiaExpected Outcome: At the end of 4 hours, patients body temp... Read More »