What does a car audio crossover do?

Answer Crossovers, or electronic filters, are common in car audio systems and hi-fi equipment. Since the purpose of the crossover is to split the music signal by frequency, it requires a component set and... Read More »

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What is a crossover for audio?

A crossover is a device that filters audio frequencies and directs them to specified speakers, splitting them into high and low ranges that you specify. A bit like directing traffic, with the traff... Read More »

What does crossover mean on cars?

A crossover has features of more than one type of vehicle, such as a sports-utility and car combination. This particular crossover offers the higher clearance, greater headroom, and four wheel driv... Read More »

What does a crossover vehicle mean?

Crossover vehicles have the same structures of a normal SUV, which include favorable space and ample amenities. Crossovers are built to provide more efficient resources than a typical SUV, providin... Read More »

When recording Audio for Video using both the mic inputs, does the video file come with two Audio tracks?

If both mic inputs are used and the recording is stereo, then you get left and right tracks. If you are using the current version of FCP X, then you need to double click on the single audio track a... Read More »