What does a capital r with a circle around it mean?

Answer The capital "R" with a circle around it is the federal registration symbol. This symbol is used to indicate that there is an official trademark registered with the United States Patent and Trademar... Read More »

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What does a circle with an r in it mean?

A circle with an "R" represents a "registered" symbol, meaning that the product is trademarked, which has been filed with and accepted by the Trademark and Patent office in Washington, D.C. Convers... Read More »

What does a circle with a line through it on a dashboard mean?

The red circle icon with a line through it in Dashboard, Mac's floating layer that offers convenient access to widgets, will allow you to remove the corresponding widget from your Mac OS X computer... Read More »

What television brand name has a D with a semi circle around it?

this tv is a durabrand tv. its marketed by walmart. i dont think you will find any remote code for it. you may have to try to contact the company directly (good luck) to see if they even offer a c... Read More »

What does it mean when my cursor changes into a wee red circle with a black line through the middle, it goes?

Don't know that one personally but I would guess you're asking the computer to do something that it cannot do.