What does a camera take?

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Does a Canon film camera take as good quality picture as a digital camera?

Saints enjoy the blessings of canonization. ( comes from Canon Law and has nothing to do with firearms). some departed souls , not of Saintly merit, yet, are referred to as Blessed or Beata, this i... Read More »

What battery does a Sony W80 Camera take?

The Sony DSC-W80 "Cyber-shot" camera uses an NP-BG1 rechargeable lithium ion battery that provides 3.6 Wh of energy, which usually works out to around 340 pictures taken. This is the same battery y... Read More »

What kind of paper does a pinhole camera take?

Depending on the length of exposure of a subject, either film or fast photographic paper can be used for a pinhole camera. Use photographic paper for longer exposure times--up to approximately two ... Read More »

Why does your 2.1 mp Olympus camera take sharper pics than your 7 mp Canon camera?

It's extremely unlikely that this is true. Having used both cameras, the Canon is FAR AND AWAY a better camera. However, megapixels have little to nothing to do with sharpness. Most likely, what ... Read More »