What does a calla lily need for potting soil?

Answer Calla lilies are hardy plants that grow well in a variety of climates and, when placed in full sun, are popular choices for landscapes in many areas. The calla lily is able to thrive in many soils ... Read More »

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What Does Deadheading a Calla Lily Mean?

Calla lilies aren't true lilies, and feature tighter, more tube-shaped flowers than their namesakes. These plants, closely related to Jack in the pulpit plants, do best in full, bright sunshine, lo... Read More »

What Is the Meaning of the Calla Lily Flower?

Throughout history, most flowers have been used to convey various sentiments. The calla lily is a flower that is gifted to express purity, sympathy or appreciation. Though they come in many colors,... Read More »

Does potting soil have germs in it?

Federal health officials from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported the first cases of Legionnaires' Disease due to the handling of potting soil containing the Legionella bacteria... Read More »

DIY Calla Lily Bouquets?

Calla lilies are commonly used when making bouquets, whether for weddings or other special events. With their elegant yet simple look and a wide range of brilliant colors to choose from, calla lili... Read More »