What does a purple butterfly symbolize?

Answer A purple butterfly symbolises the fight Between Lupus a type of cancer

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What does a black butterfly symbolize?

It symbolizes bad luck. However, if you happen to have blonde hair it means free will and that good rain will come.

What Does Heart & Butterfly Jewelry Symbolize?

Jewelry is often looked at as a means of self expression and the type of jewelry a person wears can act as more than just a fashion statement. The symbolism on jewelry can be based on various facto... Read More »

What does the moonstone symbolize?

Moonstones are considered feminine gems that symbolize emotions, fresh starts, strong intuition and correct destiny. Some cultures around the world believe that adorning one self with moonstones wi... Read More »

What does fry bread symbolize?

Also called squaw bread, fry bread is a symbol of South Dakota. It was deemed the official bread of South Dakota in 2005. A Native American food, fry bread can be served with sweet or savory toppin... Read More »