What does a budget reveal about a government?

Answer the spending plan for the fiscal year ITS FINANCIAL PRIORITIES AND GOALS

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Which if these enable the government to make up for a budget deficit?

What is the impact of government budget on companies operations?

Two fold: A government with a balanced budget can afford to spend money, thus stimulating the economy and the companies that make up the economy, and doesn't have to raise taxes, which could crimp ... Read More »

What are some various government jobs that if hired would alleviate previous government debts such as ROTC military?

Students who are contracted ROTC cadets pay for very little in college. A full ROTC scholarship includes: tuition and fees, $600/ semester for books, and a monthly spending stipend of $300-$500 a ... Read More »

How to Reveal a Crush?

If you have a crush on someone, and you feel as though there is real potential for a worthwhile relationship, at some point you will have to reveal your crush. The main thing you need to keep in mi... Read More »