What does a breech baby mean?

Answer It means that the baby is coming out feet first instead of head first. This is very dangerous as the baby is not getting enough oxygen, and results in turning the baby around or having a casearean ... Read More »

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When does a breech baby turn around?

this could be debated its bascically what u and ur doctor think is best for the baby. personally i think a vaginal birth is safer.

How to Turn a Breech Baby?

While it is common for a baby to be in the breech position, or bottom down, several times through-out a pregnancy, approximately three percent (3%) of babies are in the breech position, at full ter... Read More »

38 week baby is in a breech position?

There is no escaping the fact that it is more dangerous for the baby to be delivered by the breech as the baby's head is supposed to go through the pelvis first as it is the widest part of the baby... Read More »

Will a breech baby halt labor from progressing?

Answer Maybe. The baby's head pushing against the cervix is what helps it dilate.