What does a blue morpho butterfly look like?

Answer The blue morpho butterfly has wings that appear brilliant blue with a black border. The wings are not actually blue, but are brown in color. The tiny scales that cover the butterfly's wings have ri... Read More »

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Facts for Kids on the Blue Morpho Butterfly?

Butterflies come in all different sizes, habitats, colors and species. One interesting butterfly is the Blue Morpho (M. menelaus). There is much about this in species that kids would enjoy learning... Read More »

Blue Morpho Diet?

The blue morpho diet can refer to either of two things: the eating habits of the blue morpho butterfly or the spiritual visionary medicine center in Peru. Both are interesting studies. The blue ... Read More »

What does the mission blue butterfly eat?

According to Earth's Endangered Creatures, the main diet of the mission blue butterfly is lupine, a flowering plant. Adults eat the nectar from lupine. Female mission blue butterflies lay their egg... Read More »

What is the latin name for the veined blue butterfly?

The veined blue butterfly's Latin name is Plebejus neurona, belonging to the Polyommatinae subset of the Gossamer-winged, or Lycaenidae, family. Despite its name, the veined blue butterfly is not b... Read More »