What does a bloody show before labor look like?

Answer it looks disgusting, like a huge booger but a little brownish/pinkish (due to it being tinged with blood).

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How long after bloody show can you expect to go into labor?

Im 37 weeks ive recently lost your plug and today had a bloody show now im having sharp pains in your stomache when you stand or get up from sittingwhat could this be?

Yes, this is probably labour. You need to go to the hospital

How soon before labor do you lose your show mucus plug?

AnswerThe great mystery.. sometimes weeks before, and then the plug rebuilds itself.. sometimes days before.. sometimes not until you are ready to deliver. .it's not really a trustworthy sign of im... Read More »

What reality show was accused of violating child-labor laws particularly after several of those kids drank bleach?