What does a black butterfly symbolize?

Answer It symbolizes bad luck. However, if you happen to have blonde hair it means free will and that good rain will come.

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What does a purple butterfly symbolize?

A purple butterfly symbolises the fight Between Lupus a type of cancer

What Does Heart & Butterfly Jewelry Symbolize?

Jewelry is often looked at as a means of self expression and the type of jewelry a person wears can act as more than just a fashion statement. The symbolism on jewelry can be based on various facto... Read More »

What is the largest American butterfly with orange brown wings& black veins?

The monarch butterfly is the largest American butterfly that features orange wings and black veins. It can reach a wingspan of 3 1/2 to 4 inches. The viceroy has similar colorings but has a smaller... Read More »

The Black Dragon Butterfly Bush?

"Black Knight" (Buddleja davidii) is a butterfly bush cultivar characterized by dark purple, almost black flowers. The low-maintenance, fast-growing shrub is rarely bothered by pests and disease, a... Read More »