What value is a hammerless 38 Smith Wesson ctcs top of the barrel left side secret service special five shot revolver with a 3.25 barrel sw on both sides of wood grips number 7 on trigger guard?

Answer Access USAJOBS on the internet, and complete the application.

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What does"BMP"stand for on a Bushmaster barrel?

"BMP" on the barrel of a Bushmaster weapon stands for Bushmaster Magnetic Particle Testing, which is a process that discovers flaws or microscopic cracks while evaluating the integrity of ferromagn... Read More »

What does a wine barrel weigh?

The most common sizes of French or American oak wine barrels, the Bordeaux at 225 litres and the Burgundy at 228 litres, have a typical empty weight of 80-140 pounds. Full of wine, a typical barrel... Read More »

Dodge 318 Swap Conversion from 2-Barrel to 4-Barrel?

The base model version of Dodge's 318 was equipped with a two-barrel carburetor because most consumers were not very interested in horsepower, and because a four-barrel carburetor uses more fuel. F... Read More »

What does rifle barrel bedding mean?

Rifle bedding is the process of creating a bond between the rifle action, or the back end of the barrel, and the rifle stock, which is the part of the gun you hold when firing, to which the barrel ... Read More »