What does a barometer tell you?

Answer Barometers measure the amount of pressure in the air around you. Barometers use mercury to measure air pressure, which is dependent upon the weather and the elevation of your location, such as at s... Read More »

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What is the difference of how air pressure is indicated in a mercury barometer and ananeroid barometer?

What Does a Barometer Measure?

A barometer measures atmospheric pressure. Measurements of air pressure with a barometer are used to indicate short-term changes in the weather by detecting high pressure weather systems, the bound... Read More »

What does a low pressure reading on a barometer usually mean?

A low pressure reading on a barometer means storms. The lower the pressure, the stronger the storm. A high pressure reading means clear, fair skies.

What change in weather does a falling barometer indicate?

When the atmospheric pressure decreases, as indicated by a "falling" barometer, expect weather to become increasingly cloudy. Rain showers, snow storms, thunderstorms and severe weather are possibl... Read More »