What does a barometer tell you?

Answer Barometers measure the amount of pressure in the air around you. Barometers use mercury to measure air pressure, which is dependent upon the weather and the elevation of your location, such as at s... Read More »

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What is the difference of how air pressure is indicated in a mercury barometer and ananeroid barometer?

How to Set a Barometer?

A barometer measures air pressure and can forecast the weather within a 12 to 24 hour period. The pressure is measured by inches of mercury, which indicated by a gauge on the instrument. In order t... Read More »

What is a barometer and what does it do?

A barometer is a device that measures the atmospheric pressure of the air. It can also measure altitude---distance above sea level---as the pressure changes at different levels. The first baromet... Read More »

What is a barometer used for?

The National Weather Service defines barometers as instruments that measure atmospheric pressure. Meteorologists consider atmospheric pressure, coupled with wind, moisture, temperature and cloud in... Read More »