What does a backwards flag mean?

Answer Backward flags appear on U.S. Armed Forces uniforms. Army regulations state that when a flag patch is worn, the star field must appear on the observer's right. Thus, a flag patch worn on the right ... Read More »

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Why are the patches of the american flag on the usa world baseball classic backwards?

People often believe that the American flag patch worn by baseball players during the USA World Baseball Classic looks backwards. In fact, it has proper orientation.MisconceptionsUnder Department o... Read More »

What does the Argentine flag mean?

The light blue stripes on Argentina's flag represent blue skies. The white stripe symbolizes the snow of the Andes mountains. The sun in the middle of the flag stands for a moment when the skies cl... Read More »

What does a red flag mean in Nascar?

A red flag in Nascar means that something happened on the track that requires immediate attention and all drivers must stop. Typical reasons for a red flag are precipitation, an accident that requi... Read More »

What does Canada's flag mean?

Today's Canadian Flag was chosen out of more than 2,600 design proposals and was first raised on February 15, 1965. Red and white have been official colors of Canada since 1921, by proclamation of ... Read More »