What does a W mean on a transcript?

Answer A "W" mark on a student's transcript indicates that a student has withdrawn from the course for which she received a W, according to the University of Minnesota. What a "W" means for a student's ov... Read More »

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What does the ACC mean on a transcript?

ACC on an educational transcript typically indicates that the student has taken courses in accounting. For example, the ACC 211 course at Southwest Virginia Community College for the 2010-2012 peri... Read More »

What does QUALPT mean on a college transcript?

The abbreviation QUALPT on a college transcript stands for quality points. All schools have their own standards for assessing quality points. For example, some award quality points for classes only... Read More »

What does N mean on a high school transcript?

High school transcripts have two lettering systems. The traditional letter system with grades A through F rings a bell for most people. However, other letters like E, O and N may appear as well. Th... Read More »

How do you find out about a transcript from a school that has closed down and city how don't have transcript?

If it was a chain, you can contact the company that owns the school. It should be on your paperwork/degree/certificate. If you still can't find it, contact another branch and ask them for the pho... Read More »