What does a Verizon bill look like?

Answer If you are a Verizon customer, it is very important that you know how to read your bill, Verizon bills come in both paper and online versions, however, both types have the same information. You may... Read More »

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What does solo scenes look like on the bill?

What would the bill look like if you had the Motorola backflip and the iPhone 4 on a family plan?

Yes, in fact i just got my iphone 4 few days ago.It's not expensive considering how much the 1st gen of iphone were selling when they first came out. Good functions, great apps(free apps as well), ... Read More »

Does my verizon phone bill show who i called?

If the plan you selected for your Verizon phone includes "Detailed Billing" on your bill, you will see a listing of each phone call made and received by your phone. This service costs $1.99 extra p... Read More »

Does anybody know what a cute back to school makeup look would look like for a 14-15 year old?

well since you're probably going into high school or you're in middle school... i'd go for a natural look so you dont look over done - tinted moisturizer (so you dont look cakey and you have a natu... Read More »