What does a Sub-Zero all refrigerator cost?

Answer Prices vary with model and condition. New? Thousands. Check eBay for some "ball park" prices. Certainly if you tap Sub Zero at their web site, they'll hook you up with information. And you can find... Read More »

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If your refrigerator leaked water and ruined your hardwood flooring will your homeowners insurance cover the damage and the cost of a new refrigerator?

Answer They should cover the hardwood flooring if this happened all at once Not over a period of time. They won't cover the refrigerator or repair of the fridge

What does a Sub-Zero refrigerator cost?

As of 2010, the price of a basic Sub-Zero refrigerator was about $1,000. The cost rises to $6,000 or more for the larger models. Combination units, with a freezer attached, are in the $6,000 range.... Read More »

How much does a refrigerator compressor cost?

Refrigerator compressors help to eliminate the need for harmful chemicals called CFC's in refrigeration. They instead recycle a type of gas through your refrigerator called HFC-134a. Compressors ge... Read More »

How much will it cost to fix a norcold refrigerator?

The cost to fix a Norcold RV refrigerator is $60 an hour for general labor, as of 2009. Specific repairs range from $50 to $100 for refrigerator removal and installation, to $190 for power board re... Read More »