What does a GBP stand for in money?

Answer GBP is the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) code for the currency of Great Britain, the Great Britain Pound. The pound, also known as the pound sterling, is one of the world's f... Read More »

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What does e stand for in money terms in England?

The monetary system in England is based on the GBP (Great English pound) and is represented by a "£" symbol. There are 100 pence in a pound sterling, and a single pence is a penny.Source:England T... Read More »

What does rs stand for with money&currency?

Rs is one of the currency symbols of the India Rupee (INR). The rupee was first introduced between 1540 and 1545 by the Afghan conqueror Sher Shah Suri. The word "rupee" is Hindi for "silver."Sourc... Read More »

How to Earn Money by Running a Food Stand (for Kids)?

Want to earn money, but you're too young to get a job? Read this and find out how easy it is to make money using just your mothers cookies and a couple of milkshakes! It can be fun for you or the w... Read More »

How are game shows able to give away so much money and all those prizes. where does it all come from. with so many poor people on earth why are only people who have money able to win more money?

For prizes, sponsors pay the game show to plug the prizes on air, as a form of advertisement. In terms of a budget, prizes are essentially free, which is why they were used so often up through the ... Read More »