What does a Fed rate cut mean?

Answer A Fed rate cut refers to a reduction of the prime lending rate by the Federal Reserve. Prime lending rates are sometimes cut by the Federal Reserve when an adjustment in the economic market is cons... Read More »

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What does the SW mean in a U.S. Navy rate?

The "SW" after a sailor's rate/rank title is his/her warfare designator, in this case, SW stands for "Surface Warfare". It means that the sailor has met the qualification requirements to wear the... Read More »

What does the SWC mean in a US Navy rate?

The designator is actually SWCC - it stands for Special Warfare Combatant Crewmen, and is pronounced "Swick". It is the warfare designator for the Special Warfare Boat Operator (SB) rate. The SWCC... Read More »

What does the IT1 mean in a US Navy rate?

IT means that he hold the job of Information Systems Tech. The 1 means he is at the pay grade of E-6. IT's use to be RM's (Radiomen) however the rate changed its name to IT not too long ago.IT's th... Read More »

What does LPO mean in a US navy rate?

"LPO" just stands for Leading Petty Officer. Essentially it refers to the Petty Officer in charge of a division, but it can refer to smaller groups as well (platoon, company, flight, etc.). It can... Read More »