What does a Corvair VIN number stand for?

Answer Chevy Covairs were produced between the years of 1960 to 1969. Each car has a unique VIN, or Vehicle Identification Number that is attached to the dashboard. Every car's history can be traced using... Read More »

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What does the middle number stand for in your Social Security number?

The middle two digits of the Social Security number is the group number. These two digits range from 01-99. The numbers are not assigned consecutively; states are issued odd numbers first and when ... Read More »

What does the s stand for in the mls number?

The "S" stands for service in the acronym MLS, which stands for Multiple Listing Service. MLS pertains to real estate. When properties are placed for sale, an MLS number will be generated with that... Read More »

How to Adjust a Corvair Carburetor?

The Corvair is a compact car sold by Chevrolet from 1960-1969. Cars from that era used carburetors to mix air with the gasoline for combustion prior to the invention of fuel-injection systems. Beca... Read More »

How to Install a Corvair Sunroof?

Installing a sunroof in your Chevrolet Corvair is a great way to improve the look of a vehicle that was considered one of the 50 worst looking cars of all time. Installing a new sunroof is a tricky... Read More »