What does a Catholic cardinal wear on his head?

Answer The Catholic cardinal wears a biretta on his head. It is square-shaped hat and is made of silk. While other members of the Catholic clergy wear a biretta, the color specific to the Cardinal's biret... Read More »

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How to Address a Catholic Monsignor and a Cardinal?

The hierarchy of Catholic Church leadership can be confusing to those unfamiliar with its intricacies. Clergy are accorded specific titles of address based on their ranking. Cardinals and monsignor... Read More »

Who is the head of the roman catholic church?

The pope is the head of the Roman Catholic Church holds the titles bishop of Rome and vicar of Christ. As of May 2010, the pope was Pope Benedict XVI, formerly Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger.Source:VOA ... Read More »

How to Cover Your Head During a Roman Catholic Mass?

In chapter eleven of the First Letter to the Corinthians, St. Paul exhorts women to cover their heads when "praying or prophesying." For much of the last two thousand years, the Church has interpre... Read More »

If U lost Ur hair for medical reasons would U shave Ur head, wear a scarf or wear a wig (Females Only)?

My hair fell out when I went through chemotherapy. I didn't really want to shave it at first but after it started falling out everywhere I felt like a dog that was shedding so I shaved it.My family... Read More »