What does a 21 gun salute represent?

Answer Saluting with gunfire represents the saluter disarming himself, placing himself in the power of the saluted. It is an old custom used to honor nations and important people. Originally, the number o... Read More »

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What does the 21-gun salute represent?

The 21-gun salute is an honor that began in the 14th century. Originally a seven-gun salute fired by warships (probably due to the biblical significance of the number seven), the number increased t... Read More »

What kind of ammo does the army use in a 21 gun salute?

For a rifle salute, standard blank cartridges are used. Since no blank firing adapters are fitted to the rifles, they must be cycled manually.

Does the USAF salute in PT uniform?

According to Air Force Instruction (AFI) 36-2903, members of the United States Air Force are not required to salute superior enlisted members or officers while wearing the service's physical traini... Read More »

What does UPC represent?

UPC represents an abbreviation for Universal Product Code. The UPC code is placed on products to assist in serving as an inventory tracking device. It was first developed for grocery stores to assi... Read More »